The Bayswater Historical Society is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the history of the Bayswater.

By arrangement with the City of Bayswater, we manage the Halliday House Heritage Centre, located at 114 King William Street Bayswater. This heritage-listed home was purchased by the City of Bayswater in 1992, due in part with links to the first chairman of the Bayswater Roads Board Henry Thomas Halliday; the house was owned and occupied by members of the Halliday family for almost a century.

Halliday House is a resource centre and museum for the community, and where we can we promote public interest in history.  Thanks to the generosity of past and present Bayswater residents, we have a collection of photographs, textiles, artefacts, maps and books which are housed and displayed at Halliday House.


  1. To collect, collate and record in permanent form the history of the City of Bayswater.
  2. To maintain “Halliday House”, a building of historical significance within the City of Bayswater, as a permanent home of the Society, for preservation, display and safekeeping of any items of memorabilia related to the City of Bayswater.
  3. To generate strong civic pride in the City of Bayswater from all sections of the community.
  4. To create an information and resource centre for the dissemination of knowledge about the history of the City of Bayswater.

The Society relies entirely on volunteers to operate the centre. Membership fees and funds raised are used to preserve and maintain the collection.


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